Great News! The full game of this jam has been released! Go check it out here:

This version and page will no longer receive updates. I am leaving it up for archival purposes of the low res jam. You should just play the full version linked above.

Project Drake

This is a small platformer starring our little pixel hero, Drake. Made for the #lowresjam game jam on

You can contact Gawain Doell at @darkgriffin1986 on twitter, or at through email. Or you can leave comments on the bottom of this page.

Update News:


The Full Version is out! Check it out here, and grab a download copy through donating to me if you enjoy it!

Donations for this version have been disabled. If you want to donate to me, check out the full version at the above link instead!


Tip: Controls not working? Click the game to give it keyboard focus.

The game will tell you the controls as you play. In case you prefer reading them instead:

  • -Use the arrow keys left and right to move.
  • -Use A to jump, S to attack with sword, and D to breath fireballs.
  • -Hold the Down Arrow + D to breath a special flamethrower attack.
  • -Fire attacks need fireball power, if you run out of fireballs, look for more or get some off enemy drops.
  • -When dialog is being shown, or when on the main menu, press A to continue in the game.

Current features:

  • - A single level to play through.
  • - Cool retro sound effects.
  • - Retro 4 color pixel art at a glorious 64x64 pix resolution. Scaled up to 640x640 for your viewing pleasure.
  • - Fully working keyboard controls.
  • - A prisoner to find, and a mysterious orb to collect along the way. The orb isn't used for anything yet in this version, but will be important in the final game. The prisoner gives you an extra life when rescued.

Upcoming features:

  • - More levels, enemies, content in general, a complete plot.
  • - A downloadable stand alone version. More then likely for windows only, though I will include a flash version of the full game as a download for other platforms. I want to get all the levels added before offering a downloadable version.

At least 5 more level areas were planned for the game, but I am running out of jam time. So the jam version more then likely won't be "complete" when the due date hits.

I do intend to finish making the rest of the levels and complete the game even if the jam time is up.

I will update this in the future when all the new levels are ready, so bookmark the game page and check again later!


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Wish I could program so I could make something like this :'(

There are lots of non-programmer tools too!

This is actually made using Clickteam Fusion, which doesn't have typed "programming".  Alternatively you can look into Construct, for example, or RPG Maker.  (limited but it can help you grasp some basics about how games are put together under the hood, while teaching some basic scripting " logic" so when you get into code later on you can think like a programmer.)

There are also tons of tutorials online and free tools or engines out there to try out.  Don't get discuraged, even the best pros have days where they just copy and paste someone else's code and then study how it works.  Be patient, start small.

If you have not seen it already, I have a bigger version of this game with all the levels up on this same site.  The full version took about 3 months extra work beyond here in case you are curious.  That's with CT fusion doing most of the code work such as rendering graphics for me, so game making is a long process even with these tools.

The "great game jam" games you often see are from people with years of practice.  Don't let that discourage you from trying.  I assure you each of them have terrible to behold first projects that are hiding in an old hard drive or recycling bin somewhere from years ago. ;)

Stick with it, keep exploring, you'll find your "jam tool" eventually.  Don't be afraid to try new stuff or make something terrible, that's how everyone learns. :)

nice game :-)

what did you make it with?


I used Clickteam's Multimedia Fusion 2.5 for this one, with a lot of custom events for my own platform movement. Glad you enjoyed playing it, and thanks for the comment!

Great work!

Thanks! Glad you liked it! It was a fun little project. :)

I'll figure out how to get the other levels out to all my players when they are ready. It's going to be a while. I'd rather they be polished and flow well then rush them.