Project Drake

This is a small platform game starring our little pixel hero, Drake. This version is the full game. Purchasing the game will give you a downloadable version that you can keep forever.

Download Version Additional Features:

The downloadable version comes in two flavors. A Windows executable for all modern flavors of windows, and a flash version that should work in any browser running flash.

You will also get these:

  • No "please support" screen at start of game.
  • Pause game with P, and exit a stage in progress. (Windows version only, sorry.)
  • Play offline without any internet.
  • Keep a copy of Drake forever.

You can contact Gawain Doell at with any feedback or support issues! I will also check in on the page comments if you prefer to leave some public feedback others can read!


Tip: Controls not working in the web version? Click the game to give it keyboard focus!

-Use the arrow keys left and right to move.

-Use A to jump, S to attack, and D to breath fire.

-Hold down arrow + D to breath flamethrower.

-When dialog is shown, press A to continue.

-When on the map screen, use arrows to select a level, and press A to play.

-On the title you can view the credits by pressing S.


Game Scenario, Art, Programming, and Design
Gawain Doell

Mark Sparling

Sound Effects
created with bfxr

Game Testers
Freddy Doell
Gareth Doell

A very special thanks to my family for supporting me, and of course to anyone who donates!



Release of version 1.0. All game levels are included in both the web game and the downloadable version. If you buy the download version by donating you can play it offline and keep Drake forever.


Download or claim
On Sale!
100% Off
$5.00 $0.00 USD or more

Click download now to get access to the following files: 20 MB 22 MB


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Not sure what's going on here but I can't Download or Claim this.

I think it is because I have it at 100% off for corona virus sale.  If you just choose Download or Claim > then select to "pay with paypal" with the value set to 0 USD, it should skip the payment and just add the game to your account.  Let me know if it works or you still have issues getting it.

It gives me an error saying that a price must be provided.

Hmm, I don't know then, must be something on end of things.  I would ask the team directly for more info. 

Everything in my control panels and my own testing says that pressing PayPal with 0.00 as the currency entered should be purchasing the game for your account.

For now you can just use the grey link on the pop up "no thanks just take me to the downloads".  It won't claim the game, but should let you download it.  Drake is one of my older games, so at this point any "update" will most likely be a sequel anyway.

I appreciate the reply, and trying to resolve this, unfortunately it just redirects me to the same page, probably for the web version.

Update: I think something is wrong with the link on this page, I was just able to claim it by using the Corona Virus link.

Thanks anyway :)

Muy bueno!!

Muchas gracias!