Smiley Gems - Volcano Run - Jam Version

My entry for GoDot Wild Jam!


That's gotta be the cheesiest instructions I've ever put in a game.

To be fair, one of my taglines for the first Smiley Gems flash game was WATCH OUT FOR THE MINES!  So I guess it's on brand and all that.


Use the mouse cursor to steer smiley around.  Click to explode.  You will build a combo as you collect gems.  Exploding resets this combo.  It's up to you to balance your greed vs surviving longer.

I highly recommend getting a good mouse or other pointing device, as a track pad controller is probably a disaster, sorry.

Known issues

  • Sometimes the explosion isn't on top of smiley despite setting the position directly through code.  I think it has something to do with the physics engine not liking intersecting collision parts, but even with the explosion set to layer 4 all by itself, it still happens.  If anyone knows how to fix it, I'll see what I can do.
  • The MINES ARE SNEAKY and sometimes can be hiding behind the gems, resulting in very unfair deaths.  I didn't have time to find a solution to this one.  If I ever make a full game the mines will certainly be set to display above everything else.  Sorry in advance if this happens to you!
  • There isn't actually any volcano.  I ran out of time.  So yep, MARKETING LIED TO YOU AGAIN.  Sorry.

Install instructions

Hi!  Thanks for downloading Smiley Gems - Volcano Run!

This version is for a game jam.  I ran out of time and so dropped a lot of features along the way to make the deadline.  I hope you enjoy it anyway.

The theme was Chain, Destruction, Harvest.  I understand my entry is a little weak on theme.  I have combos for "chain", the player can explode for "destruction", and of course "harvest" is covered in collecting the gems.  But admittedly the final game doesn't reflect the theme well since it's missing a lot of parts.
I would have really played with the concept of treading back over your own level, but none of that made the time cut.  Oops.

I hope you can at least appreciate the small gameplay loop this version offers and had some fun trying it out!

My email is at

You can also check out my other stuff at itch by visiting this page:

Thanks so much for trying out my game!  See you next time!


Note for those on LINUX or MAC:

I don't own either of those OS to test the jam game with.  So hopefully Godot did it's thing and the game is playable on your devices.  If not...I'm sorry!  Maybe contact me or Godot Engine's community and we can figure something out!


Download 17 MB
Download 19 MB
Download 19 MB

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