Left arrow, Right arrow.  Game will explain as you go.  Fumbling is part of the experience.

NOTE: If the controls don't work, click on the game once to give it focus.  HTML5 can be finicky like that.


Version 03

  • Alien shooting mode active!  Defend the other half of earth as well in a new laser aiming mini game.  This makes the game a bit less tedious to play.
  • New Heavy rocks, these are "holds" in music game terms.  Keep the moon under them for a few game frames to properly destroy them.
  • Generator understands to place empty gap behind each hold to prevent game from being impossible to finish.
  • Holds are worth 2 points to make up for the gap.  There's a minor discrepancy with the scores due to having an extra beat randomly since "notes" and alien game time are both random.  So there might be a bit of trick to getting the "max score".  I don't have time or intention of fixing this, so consider it part of the game's aesthetic for the sake of the jam.
  • Instruments (sound effects for everything) are now random.  They were before but would keep the same instrument until a game restart.  Now it's changed each new minigame change.  Sometimes it picks the same ones, since there are only 3 sets of sounds, but eh, whatever.
  • Earth will cheer for you when you win!  Also, you can win!
  • Earth will boo at you if you lose?  I don't know how this works since they all blew up.  Don't think about it too hard.

Version 02

  • Comets are actually comets now.  This improves visibility, but more importantly, fits one of the jam key words.  Priorities and all that.  I'm not telling what I have in mind for ARM and ROPE, but they are both coming as well, hopefully.
  • New row in the center.  To place the moon there, simply let go of both keys.
  • Major overhaul to rate of game speed, now it should be more playable.  Enjoy actually saving Earth instead of just being doomed a little while into the game!
  • Now players have a score that is tracked.  It's a bit pointless for now since there is a maximum score possible when the music ends.  I have some clever ideas how to fix this problem, but it requires adding some new mechanics.
  • New end screen logic, now you can see how successful the simulation of EODS is financially.  (Spoiler: not very good, considering whatever tech is needed to make the moon...err...actually just don't think about it too hard.)
  • Comets now vanish when destroyed, bumping the moon for some good feedback instead of flying away.  While this is less spectacular, it allows the middle row to work.  With the old logic the middle would fill up with asteroids/comets going both ways and be confusing to read.

Version 01

  • Initial upload to publish something for the jam, will most likely update later with more/better game play.
  • Random asteroid knocking sound effects, because why not.
  • Beethoven cc0 music, because why not.
  • I might have been trying to make a music game and failing badly, I won't say and you will never know.  (The answer is of course yes.)  The game is now a silly earth defense "simulation" with accurate moon blasting physics* instead
  • OOPS NO CREDITS VERSION.  You would think I could have at least mentioned myself somewhere.
  • Game pacing is way too fast at speeding up, asteroids are practically invisible and not comet like yet, and I have many ideas still needing implementation.
  • *Accuracy of "physics" not to be used for actual earth explosion tracking.
  • I don't think I was smoking anything at the time of creation.

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